Bill Kelly

Director of Client Engagement
  • 925.667.8456

Bill Kelly is a veteran water industry leader with a broad range of business and utilities experience. As CEO and COO of Lucid Energy Inc., he helped right size a hydro electric equipment start up for future funding in Portland, Oregon.  He is most know for his work starting up Isle Utilities in North America.  As the President, he was responsible for establishing the US operations by working with the top 50 water utilities.  Isle Utilities helps connect innovative early stage technologies with end users. He has also served as a Senior Advisor at SkyH20 and Clean Power Capital.

Bill’s extensive experience  includes extensive water treatment work with Severn Trent Services.  Bill  managed manufacturer representative companies and distributors across the United States. He worked with water utilities and consulting engineers to design treatment solutions for various processes in water and wastewater treatment plants.

Bill has a wealth of experience working with state, municipal, commercial, industrial, automotive and food processing industries.