New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Talks About How They Are Using MTBE Settlement

December 14, 2017

Robert Scott, Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, speaks with NPR Morning Addition Host Rick Ganley about drinking waters issues in the state.

Smaller communities are struggling with how they are going to treat MTBE and PFOS groundwater contamination.  In 2013, SL Environmental Law Group helped recover damages from polluters.  $816 Million Jury Verdict for New Hampshire Over MTBE Contamination of State’s Drinking Water

The Attorney General has said that this is the states most significant environmental victory.  Having the settlement has opened the door to a lot of groundwater contamination projects.   “The only thing I’m please within this whole situation is that we actually have this settlement money that we’re able to use.” Commissioner Scott said in the interview.  He goes on to say, “So you know we could be in a lot worse position.  We could be in a position where we have the problem, but no funds to address it”.

State to Spend Millions on Drinking Water Projects in N.H