Richard Head To Speak at PFAS In Michigan Workshop

July 11, 2018

The American Ground Water Trust “PFAS in Michigan -Workshop” is intended to be highly educational and will will address the scientific and legal considerations to sites contaminated with per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  These emerging contaminants are widespread in groundwater and surface water which  are increasingly the focus of environmental protection agencies worldwide.

PFAS are in several thousand individual chemical compounds. Each of these chemical compounds have at least one carbon-fluorine (C-F) bond and most of which are soluble in groundwater. The C-F bond is one of the strongest chemical bonds in nature. The unique C-F chemistry of PFAS also creates significant challenges in water treatment and remediation. The fate, transport, and chemical transformations of most PFAS in the environment are still unknown .

Many states, cities and water utilities face huge financial outlays to respond to this man-made contaminants in their groundwater.  These outlays can translate into rate increases.  An often overlooked source of funding for the costs of the design, construction, and operation of water treatment projects is from those polluters who caused the pollution. Our skill and experience enables us to charge our clients, not by the hour, but on a results-only basis. We partner with our clients and invest our time and money, paying for all expenses; our clients pay nothing unless we are successful in obtaining money for them from the polluters.

SL Environmental Law Group is a firm of attorneys and scientists which partners with states, cities and water utilities who find themselves impacted by man-made contamination.  Our objective is for the polluters, rather than ratepayers, to pay for the costs of treating water to meet regulatory standards. SL Environmental Law Group works on a results-only basis; if we are not successful obtaining money from the polluters, our clients pay us nothing.