SL Environmental Law Group to Speak on “Making Polluters Pay for Treatment Costs” at the California Water Association Annual Conference October 30

October 16, 2018

Ken Sansone, Partner at SL Environmental Law Group, will speak at the California Water Association Annual Conference October 30. “Making Polluters Pay For Treatment Costs” will focus on the litigation strategies of shifting treatment costs of emerging contaminants from ratepayers to polluters.

Water utilities must comply with TCP regulation and recently established drinking water guidelines for detecting and reporting PFOA and PFOS.  Treatment will be expensive and most importantly who will pay: the ratepayers or the polluters?

Manufacturers who have profited from dangerous products like PFAS and TCP are responsible for the harm caused to the environment.  SL Environmental Law Group represents water systems in efforts to recover the costs of groundwater treatment from the corporations accountable for the contamination, including several systems now dealing with the costs of treating PFAS and TCP in their water.

“It is going to cost millions of dollars to clean up the contamination at many of these sites,” said Ken Sansone, “It is important for the water utilities to understand that it is not their fault and that they should make the manufactures of these contaminants pay for clean-up costs.”

For conference will be held from October 29 to 31 in Monterey California.  Click here for registration information. California Water Association Annual Meeting