St. Louis and Pine River Superfund Task Force Savor the Victory

March 30, 2011

(The Morning Sun)

According to St. Louis City Manager Bob McConkie, Vic Sher, the nationally known San Fransisco lawyer who specializes in public water supplies came to represent St. Louis via a radio talk show interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy had come to the St. Louis plant site when he made an appearance at Alma College.

A year or two later, while Kennedy was interviewed on a talk show, “some resident of St. Louis called – I don’t know who – and said can you help?” McConkie said.

Kennedy’s law firm recommended Sher and “they called to get the details,” McConkie said.

Sher recalled that the original contact came through Kennedy’s firm and “once I met with the city, I was delighted to represent them.”

The match has proved a success.

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