Utility Management Conference 2021

August 4, 2021

Join us at 4pm on August 4th at the Utility Management Conference in Atlanta, GA. Ashley Campbell will be discussing PFAS treatment costs and making polluters pay.

Section Overview:
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is one of the hottest topics in the industry today. Join leaders for a discussion on management challenges and costs related to identifying the widespread occurrence and persistence of PFAS and unregulated contaminants in the water supply and environment.

Presentation Overview:
Water systems impacted by PFAS or other man-made contaminants may have legal claims to recover the response costs including the treatment of the contaminant from drinking water. This presentation will cover the background and legal review process that water system managers would need to initiate when PFAS or other man-made contaminants are detected in their system.

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